Ontofield are a UK based band and were signed to Adient Records at the end of 2012 and released the debut single called "Moon Handed", on 1st Jan 2013.

The debut album - sleeping with fractals, was released in late June 2013 and is available to Buy on this website and through iTunes and Amazon etc.

Ontofield was created by John Graham, who had the original idea and wrote, played, sung, programmed and recorded all of Ontofield's output to date.


Ontofield is a made up word that was created from the idea that we all create our own realities. The "Ontofield" is a description of the collection or "field" of possible and potential realities that surrounds us all, from which our own little "realities" are drawn together and so, "exist".

There are a number of themes that are very prevalent in Ontofield's music. These are based around exploring what we come to feel is our own "reality" and why we exist in the first place. Also, the pervasive dominance of belief in our lives and how these things are manipulated by ourselves and others. How these things restrict and limit us in our perception of ourselves, our potential, other people and the reality that we think exists around us. This and the scale of deception and the "Manufacturing of Consent" are sources of endless passionate interest, at least they are to Ontofield....

Ontofield uses different styles in different songs and could be described simply as music with a progressive edge, but really draws influences from an eclectic range. The recommended way to arrive on a view of the work of Ontofield is to give it a listen and make your own mind up.

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The Assemblage Point Shift
John Graham grew up in Thurso, Caithness on the Northern Coast of Scotland, where he spent an idyllic childhood. He now lives in the village of Hadfield, in the High Peak of Derbyshire. Surrounded by hills and reservoirs which serve as inspiration for the music of Ontofield and provides lots of meandering space and countryside to get lost in.


John Graham