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2nd Edition of Newsletter now Live!

sleeping with fractals Album Preview

The 2nd Edition of our Newsletter: the assemblage point shift, is now live and available here!

You'll find all the latest News, happenings and info here, as well as details about reviews and interviews and also, a few words about what's been happening over the last 6 months by John Graham. There is also a tour around the Ontofield studio, recently refreshed and ready to start work on a new album.

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"Sleeping With Fractals by Ontofield is the stunning debut album of a superbly talented individual, crafting his skills. The Ancient One's advice is...Buy It Now...the experience might just last forever."
Jim Lawson - The Ancient One - Cuillin FM


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You can now use PAYPAL to buy the CD or Digital download versions of Ontofield's debut album
leeping with fractals, as well as individual tracks....







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